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Join me and let's change the future of West Goshen Township

Tom is the only candidate actually defending residents in R3 Residential zones, lawsuit filed to defend zoning ordinance!

What I am doing for West Goshen residents throughout the township!

We have an ordinance that is designed to protect all residential districts in West Goshen Township. The board has stated they do not want to enforce this zoning against any hazardous liquids pipelines. Along with other residents, we have petitioned the court and asked them to uphold our zoning ordinance today in Chester County Court. That is how committed I am to caring about ALL West Goshen families safety.

We have laws that we all must follow. So to must Sunoco…correction Energy Transfer Partners. If we don’t fight to enforce this law, then we are allowing a dangerous precedent to be established for future pipeline projects and easements throughout the township. To fight and lose, then at least we tried. To not fight and lose is unacceptable for West Goshen residents.

Vote May 16th for Tom Casey…I don’t just say I care, I actually prove it!!!


Find videos I have uploaded to my campaign’s YouTube Channel. Click on the image. 


Phone interview with Frank McCloy.
Frank was the previous news director at WCHE in West Chester and is now branching out into some independent news. He contacted me recently to ask about the Sunoco pipeline issue and whatever may be happening in the township. I told him I was running for WGT Supervisor and he then decided to do this interview.
If you want to know where I stand on key issues for our community then click on the photo. Don’t forget to vote on MAY 16th’s Primary for Tom Casey!

West Goshen candidates, endorsed by the GOP, are still denying Stormwater Fee headed our way.

To learn more go to my latest post entitled “It’s Still Going to Rain?” to learn more about this issue we are all facing.

3 Reasons to Vote for Tom Casey

1 – He is a proven fighter. For many years he has challenged the notion that things “are they way they are because we said so!” Too many times government & big business push the little guy around. Tom stands up to this and fights for what is right under the law!

2 – Tom cares about saving money! Both in his personal life and while working for others, Tom has exhibited an uncanny ability to stretch a dollar to get the most out of it!

3 – Tom has no special interests other than to serve his community. His goals are simple, honesty, integrity, & commitment to serve the West Goshen Community with fidelity!

The 2nd class township code Section 607 states: (Section 607. Duties of Supervisors)
-The board of supervisors shall: “Be charged with the general governance of the township and the execution of legislative, executive and administrative powers in order to ensure sound fiscal management and to secure the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the township.”

I will gladly follow these simple rules for West Goshen Township!

Community Outreach Forums

For some time now I have been trying to the get Board of Supervisors to listen to community concerns for all residents. If you are not in their good favor, then your concerns sometimes fall on deaf ears. I would like to change that way of governing! To do this I will implement quarterly forums, Community Outreach Forums, so that the board will be able to convey what their plans are in a better way. But MORE importantly, so that you, the residents, will have an opportunity to sit before the board and tell them what matters to you!

No official voting by the board should take place at this meeting. It will be simply to give everyone an opportunity to speak in a less formal setting.

For our government to truly serve the people they represent, it must first listen to what the represented want. For too long West Goshen has failed to listen to the concerns of residents over a variety of issues. Traffic, pipelines, too much spending on municipal projects, limited open space preservation, lucrative deals for “friends” of the township, and a lack of transparency, to name a few. Tom has helped this community by actively engaging on many of these concerns, and will continue to do so when you vote for him on May 16th’s Primary.

West Goshen Township has been named one of the best places to live, according to Money Magazine.

This may be true, however it is not because of the leadership of the township, it is due to the commitment of residents like YOU!


“Without truth, we don’t have trust. Without trust, we don’t have the rule of law. Without the rule of law, we don’t have democracy”
Timothy Snyder (on the Bill Maher show 3/24/17)


VOTE Tom Casey, Democrat for West Goshen Township Supervisor on May 16th!

It only takes a few voices to make a great impact. Join him in this effort!