Senior Needs Are Everywhere!

Senior Needs Are Everywhere!

Who is there for you when you just need answers?

While campaigning over the last few weeks, there has been one glaring problem that seems to be a redundant theme throughout West Goshen Township, the need for support and advocacy for our senior population. No matter what neighborhood I walked through, there were people of all ages who had a loved one needing guidance and support.

Last year I had to deal with this when my mother needed help getting assistance for her healthcare needs. We had to have her placed in a rehabilitation center with little knowledge of how the process worked. When her Keystone 65 coverage told us she would need to leave after 30 days we didn’t know what to do next. She still needed help and 24 care. There was little information available from the facility and my family was scrambling to find another facility for her care. We were also told that she would most likely be eligible for Medicaid, but that it would take everything she had to pay for her needs. This was a devastating bit of news for a proud woman who did not want to be destitute.

Many people that I have spoken to have had similar events take place with either their parents care or a loved one. I know there are senior care companies around but their job is not necessarily help determine what to do next. They are simply there to help with what you state are the needs. The other problem people on a fixed income have are the costs.

My family did our homework and managed to get a facility. But there are people out there that do not know who to turn to for assistance. Not to mention how to navigate the often difficult twists and turns of the Medicaid/Medicare process.

According to AARP, “the U.S. age pyramid is growing older, as people are living longer and have fewer children and young people to sustain them. The older population will also be more ethnically diverse and female-laden than ever before.” (

I think it would be prudent of the Township to arrange a series of seminars using their outreach ability with community partners, who have knowledge and expertise in these fields of senior care, to help answer questions for residents. They would also be done for families of seniors, or soon to be, so that they are not faced with so much uncertainty during a time when our focus needs to be on our loved ones. Not traversing the difficult and confusing realm of geriatric care.

Regarding my mother, she has since passed on, but the problems we faced trying to understand the maze of what to do and how to do it remains for many in West Goshen Township.

If there is anyone, or any group, out there that can give input into this growing need please email me. I would like to try to get the help and assistance our community so desperately deserves.


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