Time for a change in West Goshen Township!

Time for a change in West Goshen Township!

West Goshen Township is due for a change. For too many years the same people have been making decisions for the residents without listening to what they are really saying. Tom Casey is a proven fighter that takes the time to listen to resident concerns and brings them to light.

Over the last several years Tom has asked the hard questions. He has tried to learn, through the use of Right-to-Know (RTK) requests, facts regarding endeavors the township deems to be necessary. At times he has been given the information without problems. While other times, he has been met with a more ‘non-transparent’ response by township officials.

Recently, he filed a RTK request looking for communications between numerous township personel about the West Goshen Sewer Plant over a 15 years period (2001-2016). The request was granted in full; he received 30 pages. The request asked for communications about safety, maintenance, and equipment issues for the plant. This case can be found at the Chester County Courthouse as part of the public record. He appealed to the Court of Common Pleas, after the township decided to fight and then counter sue him, but had to drop the case because he did not have the funds to continue to fight the power of the taxpayer funded battle. No reasonable person would believe that there were only 30 pages over 15 years for a major municipal sewage treatment plant serving 4 townships.

More concerning is the costs for the upgrades that, as of March 2017, are now estimated at $27 million dollars. These are up from the initial cost estimates of $13 million from March 2016.

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