My Record

Who Am I?

  • Resident of West Goshen since 1998.
  • Married for 25 years with 2 children.
  • Graduated from Immaculata University (2014) with an Associates Degree in Information Technology, and a Bachelors Degree in Liberal Studies at the age of 45.
  • Strongly believes, and participates, in charitable causes.
  • Strong, fiscally conservative Democratic.
  • Believes in term limits for elected officials.
  • Strongly believes in Constitutional Rights!

What I have done?

  • Stood up to a billion dollar corporation, Sunoco Logistics, and said NO to their hazardous new pipeline project that brings no long term benefit to West Goshen Township!
  • Helped to form 3cCoalition, Inc. to bring awareness to pipeline issues in our area and the hazards we all face to clean water, health and safety.
  • Helped to get the new West Goshen Township ordinance passed in September 2014 which limits the ability of any company from placing highly volatile LNGs pipelines in residential, R-3, districts inside West Goshen Township.
  • Fought for landowner rights in West Goshen Twp., as well as across Pennsylvania.
  • Went to Harrisburg to demand legislators have open dialogue with citizens over pipelines & property rights issues.
  • Fought to curb wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars.
  • Stood firm against the Township board when they wanted to impose restrictions on free speech in our community.
  • Fought to uncover the truth about the $27 million price tag for upgrading the West Goshen Sewer Authority Treatment Plant. This was due to poor management at the highest levels of government when several key positions failed to do their jobs properly.
  • Helped to preserve homes along Boot Road over the desired Boot Road Expansion project which would cause safety issues for residents and diminish home values.
  • Helped to expand the board of supervisors from 3 to 5 people to increase representation for West Goshen Township residents.

What I will do!

  • Fight for all residents and small businesses.
  • End wasteful spending of taxpayer money.
  • Engage with community concerns. “He will listen to you!”
  • End nepotism, cronyism and special interests.
  • End “No bid” contracts using taxpayer dollars.
  • Provide real information and solutions.
  • I will work hard for West Goshen Township residents!