No Fair Shake!

No Fair Shake!

With the new revelation from PA PUC Commissioner Powelson, residents who fight for their rights, American rights under both the state and federal Constitutions, are no better then “Jihadists!” This was stated at a recent industry event on Tuesday March 21, 2017. Mr. Powelson was speaking to gas industry representatives at the Upstream PA conference held in State College, PA. He further exclaimed that residents, who are doing what is their ability to do by right, are somehow irresponsible. I do disagree with showing up at commissioners homes, but keep in mind that industry people are showing up at landowners homes as well; both are unwanted.

Mr. Powelson, I wholeheartedly disagree with your statements! It is not irresponsible for citizens to exercise their rights, but it is irresponsible for you to compare them to radical individuals that would resort to harming others. You are an appointed government official that is supposed to remain unbiased by politics or taking sides. Your job is to administer decisions based on facts and rules. You have now demonstrated, again, that you have a bias towards the industry.

It is time for you to step down Mr. Powelson!

West Goshen township, you must now act to preserve and defend the ordinance that was designed to protect ALL residents The PA PUC cannot rule fairly with regards to the Sunoco Settlement Agreement. I am still working towards asking the courts to uphold the zoning laws for this township. I am now openly asking for the board to join me in this effort. The residents deserve someone that will look out for their safety and property rights. Many people work hard, some too hard, and put in long hours. They rely on elected officials to “have their backs.” I promise to do just that!

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