Safety Concerns from Pipelines

Safety Concerns from Pipelines

For many years, Tom has helped to educate people of West Goshen and the surrounding areas about the risks involved with place hazardous new pipelines in high consequence areas. There is now an independent report that is raising many new concerns for people of this region. The Middletown Coalition for Community Safety has released a report that varifies some of the major concerns for those in the region that refuse to acknowledge some of the rhetoric coming from the oil & gas industry.

The study asks one very important question that many residents have asked:

What is the public safety risk from the pipeline?

The answers are now available.

“The Middletown Coalition for Community Safety retained industry-respected Quest Consultants Inc. to perform hazard calculations associated with accidental releases from the proposed Mariner East II (ME2) pipeline. This pipeline is intended to transport so-called “natural gas liquids”(NGLs), including ethane, propane, butane, or mixtures of these, from eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania to the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex. NGLsare hydrocarbons that can be transported under high pressure as liquids, but which will return to a heavier-than-air gaseous state at ambient conditions. Because of the hazardous properties of this family of materials, Including their extreme flammability, loss of containment events can be a source of harm to humans.”

Another reason to be concerned is the industry’s ability to cover-up if they want to. This video is from a recent interview from an ex-employee that dealt with clean-up efforts for Enbridge.

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