Signing the Document With Sunoco

Signing the Document With Sunoco

For many years I have been saying how much of a mistake the signing of the Settlement Agreement with Sunoco truly was. It took away the power granted to the township by the state to make decisions that are in the best interest of it’s citizens. Now Sunoco has purposefully ignored what it promised and is getting ready to move forward with a direct violation of that agreement. But worse than that is the inactivity of West Goshen Township officials of acting to uphold the zoning ordinance that I, and several other people from the community, helped to promote and pushed for in September 2014.

West Goshen Township promised to fight and defend local zoning for ALL township residents, not just the ones around the facility on Boot Road. This promise was made in 2014 by the Board of Supervisors which included Phil Corvo, Ray Halvorsen, and Ted Murphy. In my estimation nothing has changed with regards to the need to safeguard the residents.

But then something changed. The board chose to sign the agreement with a company that is demonstrating it will not keep its word. Placing township residents fate in the hands of a for-profit corporation with little benefit to West Goshen. Now Sunoco is getting ready to ignore our rules and begin their project. Let’s be clear, the ordinance forbids any pipeline company from placing these pipes in an R-3 residential zone. Why won’t the township fight to uphold their duty? Their sworn oaths of office to protect the health, safety, and wealthfare of its citizens? Their ability to protect the entire township which the PA Supreme Court gave them the ability to do?

The only Contract you have is the one you were sworn to uphold: The 2nd class township code Section 607 states: (Section 607. Duties of Supervisors)

-The board of supervisors shall: “Be charged with the general governance of the township and the execution of legislative, executive and administrative powers in order to ensure sound fiscal management and to secure the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the township.”

The township has an obligation to defend the ordinances on the books that are designed to protect the residents of their municipality.

The residents are not obligated to fight on behalf of the township! The board is letter all West Goshen Residents down!

As the former President of the group 3cCoalition, Inc. that rose up to fight, I am saddened that there is no fight in our leadership. If we now ignore all the hard work and good that came from those changes, then what was the purpose of it all?

This agreement would not allow you to EVER defend or support such a group in the future. (Settlement, IV 2 d. page 7)

It also takes away your ability to inform the citizens to any possible safety concerns for Mariner 2/3 by requiring a Confidentiality agreement. (Settlement, IV 2 e. page 7)

By entering into this agreement as written the township will be giving away OUR rights to this corporation in perpetuity. (Settlement, Sec. V-A. 5. Pg. 10)

We should not give over complete control to the PA PUC

Page 9 – Section 5 (references 66 Pa code #507)

  1. The Parties further agree to fully support this Agreement in any proceeding instituted by the Commission concerning this Agreement, and to REFRAIN from taking any position before the Commission that is contrary to, or inconsistent with the terms and conditions of the Agreement.


66 PA Code #508, grants the commission the ability to alter, deny or overrule the agreement. The township is agreeing to allow the Commission to decide and determine how local zoning will be upheld with regards to Sunoco. With an already stated bias towards Sunoco on October 2, 2014…

“The preliminary objections standard requires us to review the facts in light that is most favorable to Sunoco.” PUC Vice Chairman Coleman

If elected, I will not allow a private corporation to walk all over residents this way. We can treat each other with respect, but this community comes first.

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