Transparency of Government

Transparency of Government

West Goshen Township has been actively keeping information from residents. Sounds like a strong statement, however it has merit. Over the last several years Tom has inquired about many different issues facing our community. He has asked hard questions. Yet the information he sought was kept from him and others.


Transparency in government is crucial for citizens to know where their money is going. West Goshen RTK requests sometimes don’t reveal much. In this case, they decided to cover up everything! You have the right to know where your tax dollars are going. And who is spending them. These are just 3 samples of a lack of transparency that needs to stop.

A resident asked for the end of year bank statements for Township accounts. What they got was a covered over batch of documents that redacted everything except the dollar amounts. The reason that was given “TO PREVENT FRAUD”. Yes, the RTK Law is designed to prevent fraud…but in the opposite direction. Its purpose is to prevent fraud by the government…NOT THE GOVERNED!

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