Upholding the Laws!

Upholding the Laws!

Residents should not have to uphold laws that township officials are supposed to do. The board of supervisors has the ability, authority, and obligation to uphold our laws. It is not alright for them to disengage from the process. Tom will work to make sure that this does not happen while he is on the board.

“The municipality also faces the threat of a lawsuit by local resident Tom Casey who says it is failing to enforce an ordinance that requires setbacks between houses and any pipeline.

On Thursday, the township’s outside attorney, David Brooman, issued a statement addressing the PUC complaint, the threatened lawsuit, and the latest letter from Sunoco.

“The Township is vigorously pursuing its action filed against Sunoco Pipeline, LP with the PUC, seeking full compliance with its June 2015 Settlement Agreement,” Brooman said. “The Township has taken both the SPLP response to the Township’s 2/9/2017 letter regarding the applicability of local zoning, and the threatened citizen suit against SPLP, under advisement.” ”

The Township is not going to pursue, at this time, any action to uphold the 2014 ordinance requiring setbacks from occupied structures in residential R3 zones for its residents. The residents SHOULD NOT have to enforce the laws of the township on their behalf! The township has an obligation to ALL residents to enforce the laws. I will not allow the board, two of which (Ray Halvorsen & Phil Corvo) who are running for re-election, to simply skirt their duty for West Goshen Township because Sunoco sent a letter warning them not to get involved.

The attorney for the residents proceeding is Jordan Yeager. The same attorney who argued against Act 13 overreach and won back the township’s ability to enforce its ordinance.

If you would like to get involved with this action, please send an email to me. I will forward your information along to Jordan. The potential PIR zone could be upwards of 1,000 feet. If your home is within that zone, and you are not part of the Concerned Citizens of West Goshen (CCWG) group get in touch with me.

The letter can be found on the township website.


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