West Goshen Fails Its Residents Again!

West Goshen Fails Its Residents Again!

The new Sewer Authority has failed to determine if the upgrades are truly necessary. They are relying on HRG Engineering’s recommendations for their facility. The problem with this is that the Township is the one pulling the strings and deciding what will be done.

But who from the Township? Who is giving input into the upgrades? I have asked several times for a list of people who were talking to HRG. I was denied by the New Sewer Authority to speak with HRG directly or ask questions of them. Not one of the people from 2015 who had operational knowledge of the plant were ever consulted. Many have already made public statements that something is wrong with this deal.

The Township manager, Casey LaLonde, and the previous Director of Public Works, Ray Halvorsen, both have stated that they had no input nor anything to do with the plant, its employees, or the operations for 8 years (LaLonde) and 15 (Halvorsen) years respectively. Mr. Halvorsen had received 1/3 of his pay from the Director position which was to oversee the plant operations since its creation in 2001. And Mr. LaLonde receives 40% of his income from the Sewer Fund. But as of now the only people that are identified as having input of the new upgrades are Mr. LaLonde, Mr. Halvorsen, and Matt Halvorsen (a low level employee at the plant as described by the township manager).

There have been several statements from the Old Sewer Authority board and several past operational level managers that nothing was wrong and improvements were being made. At the meeting on Wednesday, 4/12/17, I presented the board with evidence that the Township was not being given all the facts. It included a 52-page spreadsheet with upgrades over the last 15 years totaling $7.4 million. Also included was a Capital Improvement Plan, that was denied to exist by both the New Authority board chairman Ted Murphy and several township managers, which showed that plans were in place and being dealt with much more economically. The board would not even address the evidence; it did not matter in their decision because they voted to approve the new debt.

New debt without a proper rate study being done so that you, the taxpayer/ratepayer, would know how much all these unnecessary upgrades are going to cost in the long run! The New Authority had a chance to get a study done, but chose not to engage in the process.

The haphazard and unnecessary spending habits of Township management, the new Sewer Authority, and the Board of Supervisors needs to stop. In today’s world our money is extremely important. YOU DESERVE BETTER!

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